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  1. Double_13
  2. Martin
  3. Double_13
  4. Longshaft
    Longshaft BloodSpiller
    man if your going to admin at least be fair mate.
    being admin dont mean your the law.
    if theres other admin online you need to speak to them about what your doing.
    its just fair buddy.
    np from me,im just going to say thats all
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    2. BloodSpiller
      I am not the Law mate, the rules are the law and i am just enforcing them that's all. keeping a smooth and clean experience on the server is what i am trying to provide, and if another guy that was just introduced to being an admin couple of weeks of now is trying to teach me how to do things, that just bothers me.
      Aug 17, 2017 at 6:42 AM
    3. BloodSpiller
      Especially if what he is saying is all wrong and complaints. There is something called constructive criticism, you are doing it right now and i can just shut up and say sure, but the information about me that your being feeded are all just wrong. That's why i will say that in my mind everything i did was according to the books.
      Aug 17, 2017 at 6:42 AM
    4. BloodSpiller
      I might be rude to somebody that is constantly whining about something that is not in my hands but being fair is always what i think about when giving out a certain sentence.
      Aug 17, 2017 at 6:42 AM
  5. RaNa-xXx
  6. Putin
    welcome back long :D
  7. Longshaft
  8. Tackleberry86
    Yo yo yo guys what's up ?
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  9. PR|Optic
    PR|Optic Longshaft
    Let me know when u back form canbodia
  10. PR|Optic
    PR|Optic Longshaft
    Yo, How about you Post me that rifle
  11. PR|Optic
    Guess who back !
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  12. Putin
    Who Dares, Wins
  13. Rogue.Assassin
    When the helicopter falls... Jet speaks!.
  14. Tackleberry86
    Never go full retard
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  15. VIRK
    I will & I shall. I'll been & I've be.
  16. Bodylanguage.ph
  17. RaNa-xXx
    RaNa-xXx simox
    Your Welcome mate and welcome back to PR
  18. simox
    Thanks SSG for giving us the opportunity to meet with friends
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  19. MrImpossible
    Trigger Happy!