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SSG Multi Gaming Clan

We can perhaps give you what you want and what you need to enjoy your gaming experience to the full.. If you are not registered with [SSG] Please register for member access, We also have clan applications open if you intrested in being in [SSG]. We are a Multi-Gaming clan, our team is based on,. | Project Reality | Squad | Arma3 | Battlefield |


War Thunder is the most comprehensive free-to-play, cross-platform, MMO military game for Windows, Linux, Mac and PlayStation┬«4 dedicated to aviation, armoured vehicles, and naval craft from World War II and the Cold War. Join now and take part in major battles on land, in the air, and at sea, fighting with millions of players from all over the world in an ever-evolving environment.​



Visit the website for more information on how to download the game etc:

War thunder


  1. You can join us as an admin.
  2. You can join us as a Clan member.
  3. You can join us as a squad leader.
  4. You can join us as a squad member.
  5. You can join us as a unit.

  • We are welcome to everyone in the SSG Multi Gaming Clan.
  • We are recruiting new players as a soldier.
  • (SSG) Special Service Group is a Military Based Clan that Values Structure,
  • Teamwork and Discipline. We have an understanding of Military Structure and Procedure.
  • we are looking for great members that will have fun with us and is active.
  • Feel free to apply because (SSG) is your own Clan,
  • You will be have a great fun with us.
  • Requirements:
  1. (Prefarably 16+)
  2. (Microphone)
  3. (TeamSpeak 3)
  4. (Good English speaking)
  5. (Being Active in forum + server)


Guys Rising Storm is claimable for free on humble bundle:
Get it now as it is only free for 1 day

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Hot on the exhaust trail of our A9 release and the inevitable hotfix, we are very excited to make some announcements today about upcoming events in the Squad timeline. In conjunction with pivoting our team into Alpha 10 release, we wanted to bring some more content to the player base and open up the game to a greater audience before the completion of our core feature set.

We are thrilled to announce that on Thursday, April 6th at approx 10 am PST we will be launching our second Squad free weekend. As a thank you to our player base we would like to offer you a redux of one of our favorite classic Project Reality maps (To be hot fixed in on Wednesday). Also, Squad will be on sale for 50% off for the duration of the free weekend!!! (April 6th 10 am PST to April 10th 10 am PST)

Al Basrah Free Weekend!

Huge shout out to the original creator Duckhunt from the Project Reality team and the Redux creator, our very own community modder ChanceBrahh.This map gives Squad its first significant dive into urban combat with an expanded urban footprint and a wider surrounding play area. With buildings as large as 6 stories high and completely enterable we expect to give a hard shake to the US Forces dominance meta, as Insurgents can be anywhere in the city. 100s of windows potentially bristling with RPG rounds ready to spoil the infidels' day. Without any further delay, we offer you this trailer to get you ready!


Hi Squaddies!

It's fragging time! Get your helmets dusted off, boots on the ground and be ready to welcome the masses as we ship our free weekend patch to the community in anticipation of the free weekend which will be launching Thursday 6th April at 10 AM PST.

And don't forget Squad and it's soundtrack will also be 50% off for the duration of the free weekend and our Squad merchandise will be 30% off!


We are also launching a new 9.2 Patch that contains some improvements and treats to help make the free weekend more enjoyable and rewarding for the community.

Server Queues

We are releasing server queues with this Free Weekend! This means you should never see Server is Full again unless something went terribly wrong.

  • Auto-joins when there is room (Although that should be assumed.)
  • No limits on queues as many people as long as they want.
  • Queues split by public and reserve, reserve joins first.
  • No more wasted loading times. No longer loading to see "Server is full".


Lastly to address the server browser in general. There are fixes for some of those issues at http://support.joinsquad.com but we will be looking...
Squad Alpha 9.3 hotfix has been released


- Readded missing ingame localization
- Improved stair climbing ability of soldiers

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