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Announcement Donations Required

Discussion in 'News, Events & Announcements' started by GamerMoeed, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. GamerMoeed

    GamerMoeed Staff Member (SSG) Instructor PR Senior Admin Donator Major (MAJ)

    Alright guys, I'll get straight to it. For the last few days we have been bombarded by DDOS and lag attacks whenever our server is at its prime. This causes alot of players to leave, and the seeding of hours is wasted in a few minutes. This issue has been up at the higher administration for quite some time and now we have concluded that we need a new dedicated server which can fix many of the problems we are currently facing with lag.

    When we started we had but a few people, there was no website, and there was no server. After months of working stuff out, we were finally able to buy a website domain and now we are supporting a monthly server. We have along way from this, many of the donors (I wont say their name) have funded the server for quite some time. They can keep funding the current server too, however, for this upgrade we need your help.

    I don't usually talk on the financial matters of SSG, because it is not my prerogative but today I am forced to do so. We have grown from a small community of few people, with more larger than I ever thought we would be. We have a good admin team and capable members. For this reason, I request that for the upgrade and to keep the servers and website running we need your help. Even a small donation of 10 or 5 dollars will help us to better the servers. Keep in mind that this money is not taken as a salary or used for any personal thing. It is spend on the clan.

    Our Paypal donation system is set up and now we can take donations directly from you guys. So now we can accept donations directly without any kind of third party agent.

    I hope that the admins and members who can help us in this task, will help us. I owe them my personal gratitude.

    In the end I would like to say that to keep our ambitious clan functioning and our servers running, a few people who are leading the clan can't do it alone. We need your help as SSG will not survive or thrive without full dedication from its members and admins.

    Thank You!


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  2. Longshaft

    Longshaft PR Admin Donator Captain (CPT) (SSG) Senior Member

    guys ill be donating as much as i can each month.
    everyone can help,even if its only 50 cents each month it will all help.
    we need a new sever and this is what the cash will be going towards.
    thanks guys
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