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(SSG) Multi Gaming Clan

We can perhaps give you what you want and what you need to enjoy your gaming experience to the full.. If you are not registered with [SSG] Please register for member access, We also have clan applications open if you intrested in being in [SSG]. We are a Multi-Gaming clan, our team is based on,. | Project Reality | Squad | Arma3 | Battlefield |

Squad Update Alpha 11.1
Hey Soldiers,
It has been three weeks since Alpha 11 entered public testing. While Alpha 11 was in a relatively stable state, we released it without fixing many of the bugs you reported right away. Alpha 11.1 is a minor patch to incorporate those fixes. Some of the changes are intended to help with the balance of the game after closely observing gameplay these past weeks.
Patch Notes
  • Reworked bandage / medic bag code for better responsiveness.
  • Fixed mods not loading if a clean installation of Squad was performed.
  • Fixed vehicles desyncing between client and server.
  • Increased speed of nametags fading in.
  • Fixed a vehicle seat state that exposed soldiers.
  • Fixed emplacement scope overlays not disappearing when the emplacement gets destroyed.
  • Fixed scopes on heavy weapons automatically unzooming and other bugs with these scopes.
  • Fixed being able to freelook while ADSing on scoped emplaced weapons.
  • Improved INS player models.
  • Updated AG 36 texture.
  • Fixed LOD meshes on the M240 and M249.
  • Several improvements on weapon animations.
  • Fixed wheel dirt effects on US truck.
  • Fixed a rare server crash that happened when a soldier was hit directly by a mortar smoke round.
  • Fixed squad-members not being able to force others out of vehicle their squad owned by entering the vehicle from the outside.
  • Fixed driving collisions on BTRs and the British truck.
  • Fixed desert BTRs having green woodland periscope meshes.
  • Fixed mines sometimes not triggering for some trucks.
  • Updated Insurgent deployable razor wire to be double stack.
  • Fixed collisions on a bush.
  • Updated localization.
  • Removed tracers from Militia and INS infantry weapons.
  • Changed INS HAT to SKS as primary weapon.
  • Adjusted cost of several deployables....
Squad Update Alpha 11
Hey soldiers!
Alpha 11 has arrived! We can think of no better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. With Alpha 11, we are continuing to increase the depth of vehicle gameplay, as well as expanding content for infantry. No doubt some expert squads will take advantage of combined arms tactics. Do read up on the changelog while you download!
Alpha Version 11 is now available via Steam. Please always clear your game cache in the game settings on every new build!​


Full Changelog​


  • British Armed Forces have been added. They are a high-tech Blue Force faction with a unique bullpup-style primary weapon, and heavily reliant on armored transport to move around the battlefield. Expect to see them make an appearance on a few of the classic maps and also the newly released Kamdesh.
  • Dramatically reduced the ticket bleed on the middle flags and increased the ticket win/loss when an actual flag area is captured or lost. Neutral flag include a ticket gain for your team. There will still continue to be a "mercy" ticket bleed on the end flags.
  • Increased the speed at which you get up from prone by 30%.
  • Tweaked stamina costs for jumping, vaulting, and climbing.
  • Settle sway time ha sbeen reduced by half on all weapons.
  • Recoil animation for semi-auto fire has been slightly reduced for greater target tracking.
  • LMG and MMG camera shake has been slightly reduced.
  • Horizontal recoil patterns on several weapons have been reduced...
Squad Update Alpha 10.2
Hey Squaddies,
While work on Alpha 11 is progressing at full speed, we pulled over a few of the changes that should help improve the experience along the way.
Patch Notes​

  • Changed the process of a kit becoming unavailable due to squad size falling below the player limit. Now your claim on the kit you had previously remains until you select a different one. Prevents other players from reserving kits by leaving and re-entering squads.
  • Fixed FOB respawn timer not increasing with enemies nearby.
  • Fixed player rotation getting permanently offset when standing on a vehicle that's rotating.
  • Fixed bad zeroing on M4 with red dot sight.
  • Fixed an exploit on logistics vehicles allowing the total load capacity to be exceeded.
  • Reduced stamina cost of jumping/climbing/vaulting.
  • Adjusted calculation for name tag fadeout to make it work better when aiming below the name tag.
  • Changed vehicle seat info text scale back to previous size.
  • Fixed main base repair stations not working on Sumari AASv1 and AASv2.
  • Revived a fix to the prone player capsule that got lost in merges.
  • Disabled replication of unequipped weapons.
  • Enabled Anim update rate optimizations on equipables.
  • Simplified bounds calculation on equipables.
  • Set Anim update rate optimizations to more aggressive values on the Soldiers.

A huge thank you to everyone that participated in the recent tests and offered up their feedback. Your dedication keeps us going!

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Take a knee, Squaddies!
Back in January, we were lucky enough to partner with our friends at Stack-Up.org for our first Air Assault! The idea was simple: take a couple of lucky veterans from the Squad community and get them in the game. With the help of Animatrik, whom we've previously visited, we've done just that.
Getting all the best people into the same room pays off and we couldn't be happier with the results!
We were a bit overwhelmed by the response and it was tough to pick just two winners: Squad's community is filled with some of the toughest, most humble, good-natured military professionals we've had the pleasure of meeting.
William Bee from the USMC jumped at the chance to show us his moves. His favorite games, which include Arma 3, Battlefield 4, and Squad (of course) help him keep in touch with friends, relax a bit, and spend time with his son, who's also an avid gamer. You also might recognize him from some other publications. When he's not playing Squad, he likes to watch Karmakut and DevilDog Gamer get their streaming on.
Daniel (Harry) Holcroft, from the Australian Defence Force,...
Since the U.S. cruiser branch was split into 'heavy' and 'light' sub-branches, some of the ships have been moved and now reside at new Tiers in the Tech Tree.

In future Update 0.7.5, the branch splits starting from cruiser Omaha. Now, progression through the sub-branches will be consistent and logical, and the Commander skills will be applicable to the entire selected line of cruisers.

Heavy cruisers are powerful ships that can deal a serious amount of damage with a single salvo, have strong AA defense capabilities, and boast a substantial HP pool. They carry 203 mm main battery guns that have a reduced chance of an AP shell ricochet. Most representatives of the branch are 'old fellows' in World of Warships, some of which were moved one tier down. Despite this, the ships’ performance characteristics remained mostly intact and they will be more efficient overall.

Pensacola, Tier VI
The ship moved from Tier VII to Tier VI. She still has the same firepower, making her a threat for enemy cruisers and destroyers, but you should avoid turning the guns from one side to the other too often as well as entering close quarters battle as the ship's concealment and turret traverse speed were reduced slightly.
Available consumables: Damage Control Party, Defensive AA Fire / Hydroacoustic Search, Catapult Fighter.​

New Orleans, Tier VII
The ship stepped down from Tier VIII to Tier VII, and can boast pretty good maneuverability and concealment. Her main guns’ traverse speed is higher than that of Pensacola. On the other hand, the ship was stripped of Surveillance Radar.
Available consumables: Damage Control Party, Defensive AA Fire / Hydroacoustic Search, Catapult Fighter.​

Baltimore, Tier VIII...
Announcement Hello Everyone
Second Anniversary of the SSG
Hello everyone senior administration decide on this anniversary of SSG we have good news for all who get banned on SSG server we are going to give you one more chance to improve yourself and start respecting all rules. Please be careful into the future read the rules and be respectful with everyone else see you everyone in Battlefield. Its not a big deal for our admins team to banned again.
Note its not for hackers :mad:
Realitymod.com Pr:bf2 V1.5.4.0 Changelog

Greetings everyone! Today we are happy to provide you all with this highly anticipated update.
It took us a while but we believe this will answer many of your requests for better performance in PR:BF2. We currently have limited testing capabilities, but based on QA Feedback from everyone we have seen quite a remarkable improvement in performance with this patch! If you would like to help us with this and other testing, join the testing team!

The improvements in FPS comes from moving the logic behind some of the UI elements (BUIS, scope effects, thermals, etc) from in-game to the back-end PR service (which runs the PR Launcher and Mumble connection).
This improvement moves the HUD logic to run on a separate CPU core which improves speed and reduces stuttering while allowing the main game to have more freedom in using the primary core.

Given the experimental state of these changes we decided to make the new version opt-in for now. To activate the changes tick the "PERF BETA" option in the video settings for your profile.
If you did that it will show "PERF BETA" in the top right corner while playing.
If you don't see this or have any other issues, please make a bug report.

Next to these changes there are many other fixes and quality of live improvements of which the most important ones you can find below in the changelog. Some are rather significant so make sure to read on through.

One of these big changes is AAS layer usage. We have removed the 128 layers designation of being a longer variant of 64 with double the average play time. Now 128 layers can be used similarly as 32 as another gameplay variation layer. This can mean different factions, assets, flag routes or anything else. 16 will remain focused on providing a solid infantry experience with less heavy assets.

Enjoy the new update! With this behind us, we hope that we...
PR:BF2 Name:

PR:BF2 CD-Hash:




Tell us something about yourself:
my name is Ataurrehman I am from Pakistan I often play project reality mostly in SSG server Abbottabad is my home city

How did you find us?:
most of my friends play in SSG server so they invited me

What is your opinion about the state of the server?:
all the admins and clan members are friendly i never saw them mistreating anyone

Why do you wish to be an admin?:
i have played in SSG server for a long time and i like the admins and clan members now i want to server in SSG servers

What do you think you could contribute as an admin?:
i am a good player in PR i have lots of expericance SSG server is one of the best servers thats why i want to be an admin

How long have you been playing Project Reality?
6 months

Are you banned on any other Project Reality server?:
no i am not banned from any PR server

How much have you played on our server?:
4 months

Any previous admin experience?:

Estimate how much time you can dedicate to administration on a weekly basis:
i can come to SSG servers daily around 10 hours a day

If accepted, are you willing to be active on the server, forums, and Teamspeak?:

If accepted, are you willing to actively seed our server?:

Did you read and understand all of our rules?

I understand that if my application is accepted, I will be enter a 4 week trial period, In which I may be removed at any time:


Tier III cruiser Varyag has arrived! This low-tier wonder is loaded with guns for a hefty, high-powered salvo. The best part? You can take on combat missions throughout the rest of April and get her for free, along with a special permanent camouflage and a commander with 6 skill points!

All Varyag Marathon combat missions are completable in a numbered order, once per account, with ships of Tier V or higher, in Co-op, Scenario, Random and Ranked battles. Part 1: 13 April till 4 May. Part 2: 27 April till 4 May.

The full list of combat missions and rewards is available on our official site: https://worldofwarships.com/news/common/vary-good/

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