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Squad Update Beta 18 Released
Greetings Squaddies, we hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season, and if not, well...maybe you should get on Squad and relieve some stress! So, with that holiday spirit in mind, we've been checking our list and checking it twice to see what in the game has been naughty or nice and boy did we find some naughty boys. Some of the highlights of this update are the removal of buddy rally except the Insurgent faction and a few adjustments to the commander. That's not all though, we got a long laundry list of updates and fixes to sink your fangs into this holiday season, so get out there and show each other that wonderful holiday spirit!
Beta 18 Patch Notes​
Infantry Gameplay
  • Removed Buddy Rally feature from all factions exception Insurgents.
  • Updated lean raycast to be more robust (less potential for full wall clipping).
  • Updated minimum rearming for persistent ammo from 3 mags to 2 mags.
  • Updated brightness for DSHK and Beretta M9A1.
  • Updated GB crewman and pilot face to not have face camo.
  • Updated GB Rifleman1 to have a camouflaged face.
  • Updated infantry smoke grenade fx to be better optimized with a more efficient texture and particle cutouts.
  • Updated smoke grenades to have no light emitters for improved performance.
  • Updated LAT, Tandem, TOW impact VFX against armor (fewer emitters, more performance).
  • Updated CAF Carl G Tandem projectile's minimum arming distance to ~40-50m (was 80+m).
  • Fixed being able to sprint during bandaging - cannot do this anymore.
  • Fixed the headset on the British soldier being too reflective.
  • Fixed GB Engineer having an ironsight icon instead of a SUSAT icon in the role selection menu.
  • Fixed rockets having no impact FX on the sand.
  • Fixed infantry bodies being visible inside smoke grenade clouds.
  • Fixed smoke effects resetting when changing Effects settings during gameplay.
  • Fixed previous weapons still being equipped after changing kits in a vehicle.
  • Fixed exploit where Players that disconnect from a server do not take tickets away from that team - (When an Incapacitated player disconnects, they take away a ticket. When a Live active player disconnects, they do not take away a ticket).
  • Fixed kit limits and inventory for CAF Rifleman Kits.
  • Fixed CAF Crewman SL, Pilot SL being in the wrong order.
  • Fixed a few inconsistencies in CAF kits.
  • Fixed C8A3 Eotech rifle not having any firing animations on the rifle.
  • Fixed ET552 reticle being misaligned between the C8A3 Eotech and C8 M203 Eotech variants.
  • Fixed C14 reticle being offset from the center, making marker creation via Radial being offset.
Vehicle Gameplay
  • Added Abandoned Vehicle Cleanup System - Unoccupied Vehicles that are in the field and not in 150m proximity of a friendly RP or FOB, a 20-minute timer causes the vehicle to start taking burning damage. This system is intended to...
Squad Update 17.2 Hotfix Released
Hey, squaddies! We’ve got some quick fixes for you! The highlights are:
  • Fixed a bug where the button was not displayed after calling in Commander UAV.
  • Attempted fix for a server crash that sometimes happened when respawning on Insurgency game mode as a Squad leader.
  • Fixed CAF squad leaders not being able to call in airstrikes.
  • Fixed CAF fireteam leaders not having a radial menu.
  • Fixed a smoke grenade performance issue.
  • Attempted fix for a client crash that could sometimes happen to commanders mid-game.
  • Improved the view from the UAV to have less dancing lines caused by Z-fighting.
  • Fixed a bug where upon flying the handheld drone far away and back again, you would lose all your weapons until you respawn.
This should restore the necessary updates to the Canadian Armed Forces, making them fully ready to roll again! Speaking of, they’ve also received a variety of updates, including a brand new vehicle. This release marks the start of continued efforts to crush bugs, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentations of their Jira tickets. Plus content improvements. =)
  • Added TAPV Vehicle. It’s a Light Fast vehicle with great off-road capability and high ground clearance. Armed with CROWS M2 HMG.
  • Added helicopters to the following CAF layers: Manic Gorodok Yehorivka Nanisivik. The CAF are using UH60’s on loan from the USA for the time being.
  • Added CAF Pilot kit role.
  • Added CAF Rifleman 01 kit role with C8A3 w/ EoTech (1 role per squad, unlocked at 6).
  • Added CAF Rifleman 02 kit role with C8A3 w/ C79A2 (1 role per squad, unlocked at 6).
  • Reduced Nanisivik to 2 map layers: Invasion v1 and RAAS v1.
  • Reduced the frequency of LUV-A1 Light Transport on most map layers (mostly replaced by the TAPV). This small unarmed logistics vehicle will still retained in a limited capacity on some Invasion layers.
  • Removed ammo rack from LAV6.
  • Updated Manic-5, adding detailing to the middle POIs.
  • Updated Manic-5 with “soft” map boundary for use with helicopters.
  • Updated CAF Map Layer naming to a consistent standard: “CAF_mapname_gamemode_version” (version number is relative to CAF only).
  • Adjusted minimum arming distance for CAF HAT (in-line with US HAT.)
  • Adjusted CAF Sniper removed frag grenade.
  • Adjusted CAF Combat Engineer kit role to be limited to 1 max /squad (2 max /team still).
  • Adjusted CAF LAT kit role to have x1 M72 instead of x2.
  • All CAF kits get minimum 2 smokes, Medics & SL get 4.
  • Updated CAF SL kits: choice between 3 kits: C8 with EeTech, C8 w/ C79A2, C7A2 w/ C79A2.
  • Added a AF SL variant character model now has a beret.
  • Adjusted Automatic Rifleman (with C9 + C79A2) to now be part of the fire support kits...
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    (SSG) Community needs your support please help us to keep the server up & running. Each and every donation goes directly to the servers keep running up. All donations no matter how much or what the size are much appreciated.

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