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  • I think this is the right moment for me to chip in this current issue .I disappeared from the forums a while ago, but remained a senior admin and occasionally checked what was happening in the both the PR and SSG forums.
  • I have an very important announcement to make,but first a little context. Due to recent quality accusations on SSG servers we, the senior admin team had a very lengthy discussion. This discussion was long overdue, as for months we have had problems with senior PR management and management of other servers.
  • I even took a backstep from administrative duties to the toxic behavior that was created between SSG and PRTA, and especially the fact that the PRTA administrators were never reprimanded while SSG consistently got the flak. This game is very dear to me and seeing two communities fighting over the scraps of its left over was very heartbreaking, but I still supported SSG as I believed it was in the right.
  • However, coming back after a few months, I was thinking that relations between SSG and PRTA & developers would have been improved. Boy was I wrong...
  • The situation is depraved to the point where the senior administration is name-calling each other? Really? Developers are cleaning and censoring certain forums and people and name-calling others? They are even deleting posts that are criticizing certain servers, while other feedback forums are full of unfair and unjust criticism that remains un-moderated. So today, in a weekly meeting the question was finally asked. Is it worth it?
The unanimous decision is NO. It is not.​
  • I am sorry to announce that we have decided to shut down all the SSG Project Reality servers. It truly saddens me to say this, but I have been utterly disappointed in this community. When I first joined PR in 2015, there used to be 400-500 players and multiple servers. Jump to year past we merely have had 200 players on peak times.
  • Back then the community was helpful to a new comer player like myself, but now it is become completely toxic. Developers have been taking sides for some time without any repercussions. It is therefore decided that the money and time spent on the server every month does not warrant the return of toxicity received from the community. I would say that even though there are still many good people in this community, they are not in the positions of influence that can change the current climate.
  • This is possibly my final post even regarding anything SSG and PR. The server will close on 16th February,2020. I hope the remaining communities resolve their issues and save this great game which was dying for some time but...
Squad Update Beta 18 Released
Greetings Squaddies, we hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season, and if not, well...maybe you should get on Squad and relieve some stress! So, with that holiday spirit in mind, we've been checking our list and checking it twice to see what in the game has been naughty or nice and boy did we find some naughty boys. Some of the highlights of this update are the removal of buddy rally except the Insurgent faction and a few adjustments to the commander. That's not all though, we got a long laundry list of updates and fixes to sink your fangs into this holiday season, so get out there and show each other that wonderful holiday spirit!
Beta 18 Patch Notes​
Infantry Gameplay
  • Removed Buddy Rally feature from all factions exception Insurgents.
  • Updated lean raycast to be more robust (less potential for full wall clipping).
  • Updated minimum rearming for persistent ammo from 3 mags to 2 mags.
  • Updated brightness for DSHK and Beretta M9A1.
  • Updated GB crewman and pilot face to not have face camo.
  • Updated GB Rifleman1 to have a camouflaged face.
  • Updated infantry smoke grenade fx to be better optimized with a more efficient texture and particle cutouts.
  • Updated smoke grenades to have no light emitters for improved performance.
  • Updated LAT, Tandem, TOW impact VFX against armor (fewer emitters, more performance).
  • Updated CAF Carl G Tandem projectile's minimum arming distance to ~40-50m (was 80+m).
  • Fixed being able to sprint during bandaging - cannot do this anymore.
  • Fixed the headset on the British soldier being too reflective.
  • Fixed GB Engineer having an ironsight icon instead of a SUSAT icon in the role selection menu.
  • Fixed rockets having no impact FX on the sand.
  • Fixed infantry bodies being visible inside smoke grenade clouds.
  • Fixed smoke effects resetting when changing Effects settings during gameplay.
  • Fixed previous weapons still being equipped after changing kits in a vehicle.
  • Fixed exploit where Players that disconnect from a server do not take tickets away from that team - (When an Incapacitated player disconnects, they take away a ticket. When a Live active player disconnects, they do not take away a ticket).
  • Fixed kit limits and inventory for CAF Rifleman Kits.
  • Fixed CAF Crewman SL, Pilot SL being in the wrong order.
  • Fixed a few inconsistencies in CAF kits.
  • Fixed C8A3 Eotech rifle not having any firing animations on the rifle.
  • Fixed ET552 reticle being misaligned between the C8A3 Eotech and C8 M203 Eotech variants.
  • Fixed C14 reticle being offset from the center, making marker creation via Radial being offset.
Vehicle Gameplay
  • Added Abandoned Vehicle Cleanup System - Unoccupied Vehicles that are in the field and not in 150m proximity of a friendly RP or FOB, a 20-minute timer causes the vehicle to start taking burning damage. This system is intended to...
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