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Hey squaddies! With Track Attack in full swing, we’re ready to announce the Offworld Industries Squad Championship! What makes this one different?
Well, for one, it’s official! Not only does it have the official Offworld Industries stamp of approval, but we’ll also be running the show too. Next up: we wanted to make sure it was the right tournament for Squad, so we started by consulting members of the community to see what sort of rules they wanted. After much deliberation, we’ve come up with a format we think you’ll like: head over to the official rules page for a complete breakdown.
  • Who: 36-player teams ready to take on some of the best players in Squad!
  • When: Season 1 will take place from September 20, 2019 through November 16, 2019, with the grand finale of both Division 1 and 2 on 21.00 UTC November 16, 2019.
  • Where: Catch live OISC action presented by our creative partners at http://twitch.tv/JoinSquad (Or at their individual streams, or community casters, which will be announced on the community discord)
  • How: Sign up at the official tournament page!
Be sure to join us in Discord to stay up to date on the latest tournament news, or leave us a comment in the forums!
Referees Wanted
The referee will be the admin on the game server, make sure the game starts on time, handle game start and map switches, make sure no disconnected players end up on the wrong side, as well as make sure everyone follows championship rules. You’ll need to be proficient with server commands, so server admin experience is required.
Streamers Wanted
We’ll be inviting community streamers as well as Offworld’s official creator parters to cast all the action! If that sounds like something you’d enjoy:
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Hey squaddies! The Canadian Armed Forces team has been hard at work since the Modding Weekend to incorporate your feedback, smash bugs, and make all sorts of tweaks! We’re happy to present those changes now, as well as provide an update on Alpha 16 and the OWI Company Holiday.
As mentioned, the CAF team has been hard at work polishing their release and are ready to roll out some of those changes! The update will release today, August 28, 2019, at 3 PM PDT. This is a separate update from Alpha 16, which we’ll touch on in just a minute.
  • Added Arid (or Desert) Canadian faction.
  • Added a second Medic role with C8A3+C79A2.
  • LAT now receives two LAS instead of one.
  • Changed HAT Kit to have 1 Tandem and 1 HEAT round.
  • Added a second HAT Kit with 1 Tandem and 2 HE rounds.
  • Added the proper C8A3 icon for the M203 Grenadier version.
  • Reworked ballistics of C14 .338 round:
    • The projectile arc is now flatter.
    • Raised muzzle velocity.
    • Increased one-hit kill range and damage over time.
  • Updated C79A2 sights by making the base post smaller and adding the illuminated part.
  • Streamlined ADS and weapon positions.
  • Streamlined recoil on C7A2+C79A2.
  • Increased ammo requirement for Carl Gustaf 751 Tandem to 80 instead of 60.
  • Decreased ammo requirement for Carl Gustaf 441D HE to 30 instead of 60.
  • Tweaked Carl Gustaf 441D damage.
  • Tweaked zeroing on Carl Gustaf Tandem slightly.
  • Fixed scope effect on Carl Gustaf.
  • Added desert versions for all vehicles.
  • Fixed accuracy on 2A6M’s Gunner Sight.
  • Increased visibility on 2A6M’s Rangefinder.
  • Increased zeroing speed on 2A6M.
  • Fixed Hunter-Killer on 2A6M.
  • Fixed Cage Collision on 2A6M.
  • Fixed LODs on Turret of 2A6M.
  • Fixed Armor on 2A6M.
  • Fixed wreck effects on LUV-A1.
  • Fixed missing components on LAV.
  • Adjusted Passenger viewblocks on LAV.
  • Adjusted Driver Camera on 2A6M and LAV.
  • Increased LAV Mobility.
  • LAV fixed dust effects.
  • Fixed LAV armor model.
  • Fixed armor on LAV side panels.
  • Added proper Jensens_Range_v4 with vehicles and ammo boxes
  • Kohat: Invasion_V1, RAAS_V3, TC_V1
  • Kamdesh: Invasion_V2, RAAS_V4, TC_V1
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    (SSG) Community needs your support please help us to keep the server up & running. Each and every donation goes directly to the servers keep running up. All donations no matter how much or what the size are much appreciated.

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