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New Profile Posts

  1. VIRK
  2. Longshaft
    i had two reports of you team killing.
  3. fatih
    fatih Longshaft
    I did not use a bad word
    you were unfair
    You should investigate
    I banned for no reason
    I did not get the warning post
    i have been playing for 6 years
    The whole clan could not play because of you
    1. TheBeanie
      Fatih, you were the one that teamkilled and spammed the mic. If i was online I would have done the same. if you dont break the rules then you wouldnt be punished. dont let me unbanning you be a mistake.
      Jan 25, 2018
  4. Longshaft
    Longshaft Lorfah
    thanks for understanding buddy.
    I'm the only admin on after 9pm uk time and I'm trying to fix this.
    if you wish to help me out give rana a shout for some admin rights
  5. Longshaft
    Longshaft Lorfah
    complain to me in game mate.
    in the evening I'm the only admin on and looking after 100 players is hard buddy.
    I was online 12 hrs and we had one bad round and you want to complain about it,next time come speak to me if your that pissed
    1. Lorfah
      As stated in your shoutbox, I might have been a little to hard. I didn't realize you were only admin on, and was quite pissed off. Also, there were at least two rounds (Dovre was second) that went to shit for our side, I quit shortly before or just when it ended. But you're right, I should've come to your ts or smth, instead of flaming in the shoutbox, and for that I apologize.
      Jan 16, 2018
  6. bfmok
    bfmok Phenix123
    Hello Phenix, nice to have you here on SSG.
  7. charmdateml
  8. charmdateml
    Find my girls.
  9. Nightcaller[Hunter]
    Struggling at the hands of Telenor and PTCL.
  10. charmdateml
    Finding Lover.
  11. charmdateml
  12. charmdateml
    Finding my russians.
  13. VIRK
  14. RaNa-xXx
    RaNa-xXx fecht_niko
    Happy birthday Mate.
    1. fecht_niko
      THX Rana
      Dec 1, 2017
  15. TABTI Islam Belkacem
    TABTI Islam Belkacem
    i'm on the right side of the PICTURE
  16. RaNa-xXx
    RaNa-xXx Duck
    happy birthday
  17. fetus
    fetus Zeus1025
    Half ten my time ma dood
  18. GamerMoeed
    Hello there!!!
  19. fetus
    fetus Zeus1025
    Lil bitch
    1. Zeus1025
      Where were you today??? Bitch...
      Oct 15, 2017
  20. Ducky21