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SSG Multi Gaming Clan

We can perhaps give you what you want and what you need to enjoy your gaming experience to the full.. If you are not registered with [SSG] Please register for member access, We also have clan applications open if you intrested in being in [SSG]. We are a Multi-Gaming clan, our team is based on,. | Project Reality | Squad | Arma3 | Battlefield |

Squad Update Alpha 10 Public Test
Hey Squaddies, We've made the feature list, we're checking it twice, and we're definitely going to find out who's been naughty or nice, the Alpha 10 test run is coming to town! For about 24 hours starting on December 21, 6 PM UTC/10:00 AM PST, we'll be releasing a public test version of Squad Alpha 10 for everyone -- yes, you in the back, you can download and play, all you need is Squad. PLEASE NOTE: This is a work in progress! Alpha 10 is still undergoing active development and does not have a scheduled release date. It will be more than three weeks; consider yourself warned! The contents of this public test are subject to change and may not be representative of the final release. In other words, it's not done yet, but we want your feedback! And your bug reports. Expect bugs, quirks, server performance, and extra steps to be required. (See below!) Get the Public Test If you have Steam installed, you're already most of the way there.
  • Right-click on Squad in your Library.
  • Click "Properties".
  • Navigate to the BETAS tab.
  • In the box that says, "Enter beta access code to unlock private beta:" enter the following code: squadparkourdlc
  • Click "Check Code".
  • In the drop-down box above the code, select the "public-testing" branch.
  • Click close, and your download should begin.
PLEASE NOTE: The public test version will only become available at 1500 UTC / 0700 PST. Prior to that, the current version of Alpha 9 will be available using that password. You will need to clear your cache[offworldindustries.zendesk.com] or your key bindings will not work. Public Test Patch Notes Before you go playing with all your shiny new toys,...
Captains! World of Warships appeared on Steam in mid-November, this means we have been together for more than a month! During this time, many players have gotten to know our project, and our ranks grow every day. Here's your chance to celebrate this modest but very important date for us! Enjoy the game and complete special missions. The reward for completing them will be items created especially for the World of Warships Steam version. Missions should be completed within two months (until 15th of February 2018), and they are given sequentially: a new mission unlocks after each completed one. The tasks must be completed in the following modes: PvP, Ranked, Coop, PvE. Using only Tier III-X ships. [​IMG] Win 5 battles. Destroy 5 enemy ships. Reward: 5x Steam camouflage Accumulate 500,000 credits. Reward: 5x Steam camouflage In one winning battle, destroy an enemy ship and cause 50,000 damage with the main armament. Reward: 2x Steam Container And commemorative flag with a logo after completion of all the tasks! Can be obtained only once per account. Steam camouflage gives the following bonuses:
  • +75% to ship XP per battle
  • +75% to commander XP per battle
  • +75% to free XP per battle
  • -3% to own ship’s visibility
  • +4% to the enemy’s dispersion while firing at your ship
[​IMG] Steam Containers have three random items from the list below:
  • 250 Doubloons
  • 5х Steam camouflage
  • 5000 Free XP
  • Premium account for 1 day
  • Zulu
  • Zulu Hotel
  • Papa Papa
  • Juliet Charlie
  • November Foxtrot
Good luck, Captains!...
World of Warships Dev Diaries
[​IMG] Here's a new video from the World of Warships team. Subtitles can be enabled in the video player separately. Enjoy watching! Continue reading...
[​IMG] Hi Squaddies, As we move into December, the team is now in a full bug-fixing and polish mode, where all the new major features have been locked down. The team is now dedicated to fixing as many outstanding bugs as possible before entering large scale community play-testing. Please give us your strength during this time! In return, we'd like to give you a preview of what the following major patch will contain. As always, these features are still in development and may vary in their final form. Stick with us for more development updates! [​IMG] Upcoming Version Feature Preview [​IMG] Coming in the next major version (Alpha v10), Squad gameplay as you know it will change dramatically. The Animation System overhaul may not sound like it changes much aside from aesthetics, but it is going to revolutionize how the game will be played. On top of that, several other changes to gameplay will mix things up quite a bit. Infantry Movement Changes Click to View https://gfycat.com/ifr/LightheartedMeatyLamb Transitioning time from sprinting to getting your weapon up and aiming down the sights has been slightly increased from the previous value. The effect of this is that sprinting, as in real life, actually puts you in a vulnerable position. Constant running and gunning will put you at a disadvantage compared to a soldier who is crouching and already steadily aiming down sights. We're seeing that more careful movement is needed on the personal level, and more tactical movement is required as a team:...
World of Warships Ascend With Ashitaka
[​IMG] Ashitaka... The Love Hawk. No one knows for sure why such name was given to the sacred mountain sitting alongside the renowned Mount Fuji. Then what would a foreign alien species from the future imagine upon discovering a lost warship with the name such as this? Would they imagine the ship to soar like a hawk? What would the word "love" in its name depict? The bewilderment and confusion of the aliens can be seen portrayed on the reincarnated warship's architecture. It seems, however, that the foreign species at least understood the concept of "love"; as its characters are portrayed on the hull, white as a virgin snow. Ashitaka is a typical Japanese battleship, heavily armed with several 410-mm guns. Thanks to the guns’ long range, Ashitaka is great at artillery duels with enemy cruisers and battleships at long to medium distance. In close quarters, the 140-mm guns of the secondary armament pose quite a threat to the lighter ships. Ship’s maximum speed is 30 knots, which is one of the best at her level. However, what she gains in speed, she lacks in AA-defense. [​IMG] Features:
  • Powerful 10-gun 410-mm artillery
  • Great maximum speed for the class - 30 knots
  • Solid secondary armament that includes 140-mm AP weaponry
  • Increased credit income, and +50% XP earned per battle, thanks to her permanent camouflage
A special Makoto Kobayashi inspired camouflage will sweeten the deal...
World of Warships Update 0.6.14
[​IMG] [​IMG] Commanders! A new Update is now live! Take a look at the highlights to learn more about what's new. Check the game's official website for a full list of changes: https://worldofwarships.com/news/common/update-0614/. Pan-Asian Destroyers Update 0.6.14 brings a new line of Pan-Asian ships, with one Tier I cruiser and nine destroyers. The new line also carries a new type of weapon: Deepwater Torpedoes. These explosive fish are hard to spot and dangerous, with their small detection radius and increased chances of flooding an enemy ship—perfect for facing off against enemy cruisers and battleships. However, this advantage comes at a price—the new torpedoes cannot hit other destroyers. You’ll also be able to deploy a unique "Smoke Generator" consumable with unconventional stats, which should come in handy when facing enemy destroyers. It provides efficient cover with a short cooldown time, extended deployment time, and a shorter smoke duration, perfect for retreating after an unfortunate encounter or when laying down a massive barrage on enemy ships. New Operation Go boldly and put your skills to the test in the new "The Ultimate Frontier" Operation. As the battlefront closes in, a research project on the Rouen Atoll falls under threat of persistent air strikes. A group of transport aircraft speed to Rouen with a mission to evacuate all personnel and documentation to avoid a catastrophe. A two-phase operation in which you escort the transport aircraft to the aerodrome while destroying enemy...