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SSG Multi Gaming Clan

We can perhaps give you what you want and what you need to enjoy your gaming experience to the full.. If you are not registered with [SSG] Please register for member access, We also have clan applications open if you intrested in being in [SSG]. We are a Multi-Gaming clan, our team is based on,. | Project Reality | Squad | Arma3 | Battlefield |

[​IMG][media.joinsquad.com] Hi Squaddies, During our Kickstarter campaign we held a vote to see which map from Project Reality you, the community, wanted us to remake for SQUAD. Fallujah clearly won that vote and was put on the roadmap. At that time, we were still learning a lot about the engine and how to efficiently tackle level construction in Unreal 4. We started with barren desert maps like Kohat, then started adding more complexity seen in maps like Chora and Sumari. From there, we explored the Eastern European setting with large forests on maps like Fools Road, Gorodok, and Yehorivika. Next, we pushed on to an urban setting on Narva, all the while knowing that Fallujah was one of the key maps that we were working towards. Upon the release of Narva, we began pre-production on Fallujah. At this stage we knew we wanted to take some extra time to brainstorm how we approach gameplay and visuals, because of this we decided to revisit our workflow and we really think it has paid off. [​IMG] Getting Organized The first thing we did was spend about a week reference digging. We wanted to gather tons of inspiration and sources to help us capture the essence of Fallujah. In order to stay organized and to produce things in phases we broke the city up into four key recognizable districts: Outskirts, Industrial, Urban Residential and Urban Center, each contributing to the map in a unique way both in visuals and gameplay. Defining these districts allowed us to plan out the flow of the map and also breakdown the production of the assets into manageable phases....
Squad Update Alpha 9.12
Hey Squaddies, We've got some fresh layers for you, with no small thanks to community members Bill Nye and Nordic for their offerings direct from the Squad SDK. Read on for the rest of the fixes and changes.
  • Added Yehorivka AAS INF v2, Yehorivka PAAS v1 and Narva AAS v3 by Bill Nye the Science Guy.
  • Added Gorodok Vehicle Skirmish v1 by Nordic.
  • Added Al Basrah PAAS v2.
  • All invasion layers no longer allow flags being recapped by the defending team.
  • Optimized performance on Yehorivka, Kohat, Chora, Fool's Road and OP First Light.
  • Added new grass system on Fool's Road.
  • Vehicle claims can now be approved by SLs even when they are incapacitated.
  • Vehicle claiming is now a server config parameter "VehicleClaimingDisabled=false/true" and can be disabled on licensed servers too.
  • Fixed admin access levels: all are working now independent (without kick rights).
  • Tweaked prone player movement collision.
  • Applied a fix to Nvidia PhysX fixing a client crash.
  • Applied a fix to Nvidia PhyxX fixing freezes on Linux servers.
  • Fixed certain sounds of nearby players not getting played.
  • Updated the EAC plugin.
  • Fixed a client crash on a possible timing issue on loading into a server that is changing maps.
  • Fixed a rare client crash related to the compass.
  • Fixed a crash preventing the recording of netprofiles.
  • Fixed Kokan INS main base repair stations not working
  • Removed all M1151 variants due to licensing issues and replaced them with MAT-V variants.
Offworld Out. Continue reading...
[​IMG] Hi Squaddies, Winter may not be coming for all of us, but at least partly on the northern side of this cute little blue ball the days are getting shorter, nights are getting colder and the people spend more time in front of their PC rummaging around inside the Squad SDK. So, let's see what this community came up with in the month of September before hibernation kicks in! Join us on the Community Modding Discord[discord.me] where you can join discussions and meet the modding community. It's a great place to share your ideas and passion with like-minded people that will be happy to help you along the way. [​IMG] Afghan Valleys by dazZz-666 https://www.youtube.com/embed/FsyiLiXhJys Based around the regions of the Hindu Kush mountain ranges between Afghanistan and Pakistan, this map caters to everyone who enjoys fighting in my rural areas as well as people with a taste for urban combat. It has been made with an US vs. Insurgent layer in mind and something for all the fans of the Afghan theatre. [​IMG] FN Minimi Mk3 by Pawin [​IMG] [media.joinsquad.com] Made for the French Forces Squad mod, this work-in-progress weapon is already a beauty. For the modeler, Pawin, it was quite an unique experience because as everyone who tried to model a machine gun already knows: these things are complex and are filled with a lot of challenging components....
Hi Squaddies, I'm Chuc, Lead Animator on Squad. You might know me from my previous work for Project Reality (where I was also Lead Animator), but also all the Squad updates and news forum posts that just so happened to be in my area of responsibility, though now is taken over by our community manager, Gatzby. I wanted to provide an update on where we're at with the Animation System, as well as the road we've had to take since beginning this system overhaul. [​IMG][media.joinsquad.com] Back in September 2015, even before we released in Early Access, we were starting to see a lot of flaws and shortcomings with our animation system. Which was severely hamstringing us not only performance-wise, but our ability to expand it and add new features in a stable and reliable manner. In reality what you, the player, are playing with now on the current Release version 9 is something that was built from the very early days of Unreal Engine, in order to get something working, with little regard for architecture and expandability. Over the months of development and Early Access release feedback, weve made some minor incremental improvements to it in terms of performance and some additional visual fidelity, but nothing major in terms of features. Fast forward to January 2016, when we had laid plans to rework the animation system with one of our Senior Programmers, Kory, in charge of learning and in essence building the system. At the same time, me and another animator Kab (recently hired at the time) were in charge of reanimating and re-rigging all of our weapon and character assets (over 1800 individual assets) as even the standards we were using with the old system were incorrect. We made...
Today's patch brings some new content to our existing factions as well as more improvements and fixes to our existing maps , vehicles and weapons. The new assets are a new Russian 1P78 Kashtan scope for the AK-74M series and a new Gazelle attack helicopter for the French Forces. Check them out in the screenshots below! We are also introducing a few big changes to vehicles with a update to flares and ground vehicle camera systems. You can read all the details below. Enjoy the release! And in case you missed it, don't forget about the recent COOP and retro mappack releases!
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
PR:BF2 v1.4.17.0 Changelog (2017/August/19) ----------------------- GENERAL:
  • Fixed server crashes on Linux.
  • Updated Dutch Boxer model by removing...