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    When i was still a young boy around of age 8 i met Rana in a chicken festival.
    I remember him wearing a chicken costume it was so wonderful i could never forget that moment.
    Rana saw me looking at him he came closer to me and said, Do you want an egg?
    I shyly looked at him and i said Yes mr chicken man i do. He than gave me a big egg and told me go on taste it if you like it. Me being young i said okey mr chicken i will. I proceeded to peel the egg once i finished i took a big bite. I remember it did taste funny i tried to tell him that but i couldn't, i didnt have the power i was feeling dizzy, and after few seconds i fell down to the floor and fell asleep.
    After i while i woke up my hands were tied to a bed i was lying there naked i saw there were a lot of chickens all around me. I was confused i didnt know what happend i tried to get up but i couldn't it was hopeless to even try. After a while rana came into the dark room and looked at me, he was still in the chicken costume i remember him wearing at the chicken festival. He told me that i am the chosen one i was the one that would take care after his chickens while he was gone. I was so confused i asked him, Why me? He responded by saying, i have seen you what you are capable of doing i been watching you for years i know what you do in your room alone with your pants down, i know you are the one that the chicken god sent to breed my young chickens. He came closer to me and started to rub his hand against my privet part. He said dont resist trust me you want to do this one for me. I looked at him and noded my head, i relaxed and let him proceed.
    After a while he was done collecting the white stuff from me he went to the chickens and inserted the white stuff inside them. When he had done that he came back to me and untied my hands and gave me my cloths back. He said i am sorry it had to be this way but i had to prove to you that you were the chosen one. I looked at him and smiled, i said i know i know. Days past rana told me everything about how he always wanted to be a chicken. He wanted to be so much just like the chickens he even lived like one and was eating like one. The day came when rana told me, I think you are ready to take care of my chicken farm. I noded and said, yes rana i am ready i promise i wont let you down rana. He proceeded to pack up stuff he took with him bread a water bottle and some eggs, and he just left leaving me with his chickens and his chicken farm. I just hope that one day he will see this massage and know that i am still taking care of his chickens and his chicken farm.
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