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World of Warships French Battleships: Be The First To Receive Them!

Discussion in 'News' started by SSG Bot, 6 Feb 2018.

  1. SSG Bot

    SSG Bot Staff Member Moderator


    With Update 0.7.1, we will start to unite game events and the introduction of new ship branches with narrative stories. That is why the World of Warships "French weeks" will last for two updates. In Update 0.7.1, you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of France with the Marseille port, a new collection, and a unique Commander. At the same time, the new branch of French vehicles will be introduced and become available for researching later, in Update 0.7.2 (spoilers: there will be something else in addition to the French branch). For those players who are anxious to baptize the French ships by fire, a set of special combat missions is already available. Complete them to receive one of the new French battleships in advance!

    Combat Missions and Containers

    All commanders will have access to two sets of combat missions.
    The first set will become available from February 9, the second will be launched a little later on February 16.

    Both sets will include three parts; by completing each of them, you will receive three special containers with rewards from the French battleships branch. For completion of the first set of missions, you will receive three additional containers as the final reward; for completion of the final mission of the second set, you will receive four additional containers. As a result, you can receive 25 French containers for completing two mission sets.


    You have a chance to receive the following rewards from containers:

    3 Revolutionary camouflages;
    • 5 signal flags (Zulu, Papa Papa, or Juliet Charlie);
    • An item from the Vive la France! collection.

    In addition, special containers will be available for purchase in the Premium Shop. They will contain the following items:

    • 5 Revolutionary camouflages;
    • 10 special signal flags (Dragon, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, Hydra) or 500 doubloons;
    • An item from the Vive la France! collection.

    Bonuses of the Revolutionary camouflage:

    • standard combat bonuses;
    • +75% to XP per battle;
    • +30% to credits per battle.

    The most exciting news is that each special container may provide you with an additional combat mission. By completing it, you will receive one of the French battleships—Bretagne, Normandie, Lyon, Richelieu—and they will be available to you in advance, before the introduction of French ships in the game. The missions will not repeat—if you receive several missions from containers, they will provide different conditions; you will also receive different battleships for their completion. There are 4 combat missions that can be received from containers; no extra missions will be available if you receive all of them.

    The combat missions for battleships will be available from February 9 through April 13. If you open containers after April 13, they will not provide combat missions for French battleships.



    There is another nice opportunity—you can receive Premium French Tier VI destroyer Aigle with a Commander with 6 skill points for free. All you need to do is take part in the combat missions marathon and complete 18 of the 26 missions. The missions will have both economic and combat mastery conditions. They can be completed in any Tier V-X ship in Random Battles.

    That is all about the first part of the French battleships event. Follow the news and look forward to the next major update, where we will provide information about the other activities with French battleships.

    Go to World of Warships website[worldofwarships.com] for detailed information on combat missions.

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