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World of Warships All You Need To Know About Premium Content

Discussion in 'News' started by SSG Bot, 27 Feb 2018.

By SSG Bot on 27 Feb 2018 at 20:25
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    8 May 2017
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    World of Warships is a free-to-win game where all gameplay features are available for free. However, there's a special shop for those interested in unique items and maximum gameplay comfort. Maybe you'll find something worthy there? Let's check it out!

    Where can I find the shop?

    It's super easy: click on the "Premium shop" button in the upper left of the Port or locate it in the account menu.


    What's in the shop?


    Premium Account

    Save your time, unlock new ships faster, and get bonuses:
    • 50% more experience points from each battle
    • 50% more credits from each battle
    • A Premium Port
    You can choose different amounts of time, from 1 day of Premium time to a whole year.


    Premium Ships

    Ships rule this game! Most of them are available for free, but if you happen to be a true collector, don't miss out on the unique Premium ships. They introduce new gameplay features and expand your gaming capabilities:
    • You don't have to research them
    • More credits from each battle as compared to other ships of the same tier
    • Convert Combat Experience to Free Experience right from the first battle
    • Assign commanders from other ships of the same nation without penalty or retraining


    Doubloons are an in-game currency that is used in different situations. See a few examples:

    Already researched all modules of a ship? Her Combat Experience can be converted to Free Experience and spent on researching another ship.

    Not enough slots in your Port? Feel free to buy them with doubloons.

    In search of a more experienced commander? Recruit a Senior Command Course graduate, with as many as three skill points.

    Short of credits to buy ships or modules? You can convert doubloons into credits and go shopping immediately, right in the game client.

    Want to get better consumables or demount an old upgrade? No problem!

    Just remember that better consumables recharge faster, but require restocking after a battle.

    And there's more! The selection is renewed on a regular basis, so follow our news to know about our special offers.

    How do I buy things?

    Just have funds in your Steam Wallet and click the "Purchase" button on the desired item.

    Good luck and fair seas!

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Discussion in 'News' started by SSG Bot, 27 Feb 2018.