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World of Warships Update 0.7.2

Discussion in 'News' started by SSG Bot, 1 Mar 2018.

By SSG Bot on 1 Mar 2018 at 13:55
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    A new Update is now live! Take a look at the highlights to learn more about what's new. Check the game's official website for a full list of changes. https://worldofwarships.com/news/common/update-072/

    French Battleships

    A new branch of French Battleships is finally coming to World of Warships! You can learn more about them here.


    Operation "Hermes"

    In the new Operation, you will need to escort French ships laden with gold to American shores. You will encounter numerous German patrol boats that will stop at nothing to take the gold from you.
    To plunge you deeper into the atmosphere of the event, only certain ships can participate in Operation "Hermes". To be eligible, you need any of the Tier VII cruisers of the Allied nations (U.K., U.S.A., and France) or French Tier VII-VIII battleships.


    "The Gold of France" Campaign

    Update 0.7.2 ushers in a new campaign called "The Gold of France". This is a limited-duration campaign that will only be available until the release of Update 0.7.3.

    The missions of the campaign will be subject to certain theme-specific restrictions:

    • First Task: The first task of each mission can be attempted with any ship of Tier V and above in Random Battles
    • Second Task: Requires a French ship of Tier VI and above
    • Third Task: Available only for French destroyer Aigle
    • Fourth Task: You’ll need a French battleship of Tier VIII or above

    New Camouflage Colours for Japanese Ships

    Update 0.6.9 brought in a new collection called "Yamamoto Isoroku". As you progress through the collection, you unlock various features like being able to add an alternative color for standard camo patterns ("Type 1", "Type 2", "Type 5" and "Type 6"). Now you can do the same with permanent camouflages as well.

    To learn more about other changes and enhancements, please visit our official site!

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Discussion in 'News' started by SSG Bot, 1 Mar 2018.