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Approved Pr Admin Application Form For [co-operative] Seerver


Co-Operative Admin
(SSG) Member
31 May 2019
PR:BF2 Name
PR:BF2 Name: Saspunas-666

PR:BF2 CD-Hash: cd8d7146cdf22a29a3b8c0c170a9f821

Age: 22

Country: Turkey

Timezone: GMT +3

Tell us something about yourself: I'm 22 years old turkish male. I studied graphic design and preparin for Logistics(associate degree) Idk how to introduct myself. :) If you ask, i'll reply.

How did you find us?: On CO-OP. A few months ago.

What is your opinion about the state of the server?: I like this server and clan, really. Firstly i like Ata. He is good man to players and good admin. And SSG seems to me more sincere than other servers.

Why do you wish to be an admin?: Because i have ideas about maps rotation.

What do you think you could contribute as an admin?: Graphic designing, ideas, management.

How long have you been playing Project Reality? 7(i guess but more than 5)

Are you banned on any other Project Reality server? No.

How much have you played on our server?: I didn't count.

Estimate how much time you can dedicate to administration on a weekly basis: 6 days.

If accepted, are you willing to be active on the server, forums, and Teamspeak?: Yes

Any previous admin experience?: Most on SAMP servers(role playing).

If accepted, are you willing to actively seed our server?: Yes

Do you read and understood our All rules?: Yes
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